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The Lily Rose Jo M. Russell

The Lily Rose

Jo M. Russell

Published November 29th 2011
ISBN : 9781462655205
196 pages
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 About the Book 

Human trafficking and love are as far apart as one can get or so Lily and the other residents of Oregon think. To the residents of Traders Island they go hand in hand. Lily had a rough start in life but when she married money she thought she was set. She is introduced to Traders Island by her husband at the time. Years later, after his death she finds true love on the island. But the road to love isnt always paved with good intentions. Lily finds love at 39. But her life is a roller coaster until her death at age 98. Beautiful, intelligent, witty and bipolar Lily was all of these and more. She has more money than she can use in a lifetime but it doesnt bring her happiness. The Lily Rose is her story, told in her own words and the words of those who loved her.