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Marias Loyalty...: The Beginning Kahlil Armstrong

Marias Loyalty...: The Beginning

Kahlil Armstrong

Published March 7th 2014
ISBN : 9781491871775
378 pages
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 About the Book 

Maria comes from a very loyal family. The wealth that the family has isnt intriguing its the loyalty amongst them is what intrigues who encounters them. The loyalty amongst the family started way before Marias loyal heart started to even pump. Love is loyalty is what was embedded into the Parkers blood and souls- however, will one let love for another be disloyal to the ones who have raised them? The Caucasian Parkers were unlike any other slave master in 1830, they were very intrigued by the Parkers beauty. They purchased the whole family. The Parkers were never a racist family. So when slavery was over Mr. Edward Parker would change the Parkers life and their generations to come. Marias loyalty is strong- however, when you cross that line of disloyalty! The consequences are deadly. Enjoy this ride of sex, drugs, murder, and an on going Saga of the luxurious life of the Parkers family.