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Goodnight Nobody Jennifer Weiner

Goodnight Nobody

Jennifer Weiner

Published 2006
ISBN : 9780753176375
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 About the Book 

Goodnight Nobody is bestselling author Jennifer Weiners attempt at writing a mystery, with a healthy dose of the authors chick lit sensibilities thrown in for good measure. While this Desperate Housewives meets Sex in the City murder mystery wont make readers shake in their Manolo Blahniks, it will provide the obligatory humor and compassion to which fans of Weiners Good in Bed, In Her Shoes, and Little Earthquakes have grown accustomed.Kate Klein is a feisty, charmingly insecure Connecticut housewife who trades in a life of late-night karaoke sing-a-longs and West Village brunches with her best friend Janie for a world of mini-vans and Mommy and Me pilates classes. Life in Upchurch, Connecticut, heats up when Kate discovers picture-perfect wife and mother Kitty Cavanaugh dead on the pickled maple hardwood floor of her recently remodeled kitchen. A former chronicler of celebrity gossip, Kate takes it upon herself to solve the mystery of Kittys murder and the disappearance of Lexi Hagen-Holdt, another Upchurch supermom. Along the way, the mysteries and disappointments in Kates personal life begin to unravel, including her marriage to the kind-yet-uptight Ben, and her unresolved crush on Evan McKenna, a former neighbor with whom a one-night tryst ended in disaster. Thrown in for comic relief, and perhaps to show the depth of Weiners talents as a writer, are Kates twin boys and adorably sophisticated 5-year old daughter Sophie (Sophie was sitting on the toilet, applying lipstick and waiting her turn...).Goodnight Nobody is chock full of plot twists and turns which can be overwhelming and superfluous. However, Weiners charm and grace are usually enough to rescue readers from these moments of confusion, and reaffirm our commitment to this endearing contemporary voice. --Gisele Toueg