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Tinted Windows Diane Gooden

Tinted Windows

Diane Gooden

Published February 19th 2010
ISBN : 9781438934150
576 pages
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 About the Book 

Tinted Windows chronicles the lives of a set of tycoons who thoroughly enjoy prominent status as wildly successful men in the worlds of oil and marketing. The two are best friends as well as business rivals who compete with the vigor of unacquainted corporate foes. Nothing can come between the two thoroughbred icons except for the one thing that is capable of crumbling great empires and dissolving all bets in any mans life: the love of a woman. Frank Johnston heads a family long used to the life of privilege and charm. A series of uncanny strokes of luck open the world to him, one that he could never have fathomed as a young crop worker in the 1940s. In his boyhood dreams there was always hope. Franks stubborn devotion to that belief breeds a hand of fate reserved for only the most fortunate in life. But nothing Frank obtains at his considerable financial vantage point overrides the stain of poverty that lingers in his psyche, not even the love of a few good women. Gunther Hampton had never known an inspiration he could not acquire. The family money affords him everything possible to mans imagination. But, Gunther harbors a healthy dose of guilt for the things in his life he cannot control: His wifes irreversible illness, his daughters waywardness and his burning love and passion for someone else in his life that is indubitably off limits.